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“Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it is her nails that make the statement” – Tammy Taylor

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Can this woman be more amazing? Well, Tammy Taylor is my hero in all things about nails. Everything she says about nails is just perfect! Anyway, before we discuss this, it’s only proper to introduce myself first. Hi! I’m Viola, and my friends call me “Vi”. I may seem like a typical girl you know who has a great fascination with nail art, nail wrap designs, or anything there in connection with achieving chic and flashy nails. On the contrary, I am more than that – there’s more to me than meets the eye. Aha!


Truth be told, I was not like this (an avid nail art/design fan) until I reached the age of 18. More so, growing up, I was more of the boyish-type. My mom always sees me hanging around with boys, playing along with them, and basically, dressing up like them – I really feel comfortable with it. Then, puberty happened and just like every other teen out there, I had a crush on someone (this motivated me to turn a new leaf). Suddenly, I am interested in looking pretty – I did my hair, changed the way I dress, and of course, I’m so into nail polish and nail art designs! Who would have thought, huh?


The Jamberry Nail Wrap Design – My Personal Fascination

jamberry nail wraps collection

Before I came to know Jamberry, I’ve tried almost every nail polish brand, nail stickers, designs, and nail art collection. Most of them don’t last long, which made me look for something better. Although it took me awhile to find a better one, it was all worth it – the Jamberry nail wraps. I was lucky enough to have learned about it through my mom’s best friend, who happens to be an Independent Jamberry Consultant. When she introduced it to me, I was totally blown away and can’t get enough of it.


So, my mom bought me theses amazing Jamberry nail wraps design – specifically, the Disney Princesses nail wrap collection, which is so over the top, by the way. Due to my obsession with it, my mom decided to become an independent consultant herself for almost five years. She stopped this career, though when grandma got sick. She has to take care of her back in Missouri, while me and my siblings were left in California due to our studies. Nevertheless, I knew she enjoyed her time when she was an independent consultant – I know I did. The experience was totally awesome!


My Jamberry Experience Shared In Happy Hands Nail Polish Blog

happy hands nail polish

It is my deepest belief that the happiest girls have the prettiest set of nails – which can be highly achieved through Jamberry nail wrap designs. The experience I had with it can’t simply be kept to myself – it is totally worth sharing!

With regards to that desire of mine to share our Jamberry experience and spread the word of how incredible Jamberry is, I decided to create this blog. It is an honor to write about how Jamberry changed my life, and my mom’s. It is more than just the design, but the good feeling that it gives. This blog is something that you’ll need and the information you’ll find here definitely comes in handy, so, better keep yourself posted! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to shoot me an email by filling out the contact form.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Best Regards,