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Now You Can Get Out There With Flashy and Elegant Nails and Save Money With Jamberry Nail Wraps

“The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails.” – Tammy Taylor


Oh, yes! I totally agree with Tammy Taylor in this sentiment. From the moment you wake up in the morning, it feels great to have a glimpse of a gorgeous set of nails while drinking a cup of coffee or simply appreciating the majestic sunrise. Without much explanation, chic and fab nails are like a dream come true.  It adds color to our day, whether we’re off to work, school, running errands or staying at home. Naked nails just make almost all of the girls sad. Well, count me in on that! Most of us girls have one common desire, which is to confidently get out there with flashy or elegant nails. It makes us look even more beautiful and feel good about ourselves, right? Oh well, girls will always be girls.


There’s one known challenge towards the achievement of this nail goal – the expensive trips to the salon. Imagine the amount of money you and I have to spend just to achieve our desired nails. Despite the expense, though, most nail polish or nail art designs don’t last that long, in as much as we hope it would. There are even cases when it would chip or peel just after two days. Of course, it causes us to lose our mood and would want to remove it right away or change it. Definitely, not good – at all.


Alright, so now, I believe we have the same plight and finding a solution that directly addresses this situation can mean a lot to us. Starting now, you don’t have to worry anymore, my friend. Not so long ago, the Jamberry nail wraps were invented and I was lucky enough to have known about it and experienced it firsthand. Whenever I think about it, there’s just two words I can think of – superb and easy-peasy. Want to know what I mean? Okay, then. Let me introduce it to you first.


Jamberry Nail Wraps – An Introduction

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What is Jamberry?

Jamberry nail wraps thin vinyl sheets that are pressure and heat activated to adhere to your nail for a long lasting and beautiful look. It was developed by three beautiful sisters who are also nail enthusiasts – Lyndsey, Christy, and Keri back in 2010. Being a few of the many girls out there who are paying too much for nail beautifications, these sisters had an idea of creating a one-of-a-kind nail wraps that truly represent your signature style without digging a hole in your pocket by saving you trips to the nail salons.


With over 300 unique patterns, you can never run out of options and it’s not only for adults, even kids can have fun with it! A matching nail wrap design for mothers and daughters is utterly cute and cool! Aside from that, you are free to customize, layer and pair the Jamberry nail wraps to create your own personal style. The most incredible part is, you can do your nails at the comfort of your own home and on your most convenient time. While you’re doing your nails, you can still do other tasks like checking your food, answering a call or text, searching the web, etc. Pretty neat, eh? The only thing that you have to remember if you really aim to perfectly achieve flashy nails with Jamberry, is how to properly apply it.


Jamberry Nail Wrap Application: How To Properly Do It

Alright, although we’ve mentioned that the Jamberry nail wraps are easy to apply, it doesn’t mean that you can do it any way you want it. Of course, there’s an appropriate way to do it. No worries, it’s stress-free as making pancakes in the morning!

  1. First, prepare all the things you need, such as nail wrap (your choice from the collection), heat source (Jamberry Mini Heater or hair dryer both work very nice!), cuticle stick or rubber cuticle pusher, nail file, nail scissors, hand soap, tweezers/orange stick, acetone/ rubbing alcohol, and cotton pad/ wipe/ ball or swab.


  1. Next, make sure your nails are free from oils and that your cuticles are pushed back. Wash your hands with hand soap and use a rubber cuticle pusher to push your cuticles back. Using the acetone, swipe your nails clean – squeaky clean.


  1. Then, find the right nail wrap size for your finger using the clear backing of the wraps. As much as possible, make sure that it’s not too big in order for it to adhere. Peel back the nail wrap using the stick and cut it half with the cuticle scissors. Using the orange stick or tweezer (depends on your choice), hold the wrap in front of your heat source for 3-5 seconds and apply the wrap to the nail.


  1. After that, you should apply pressure while heating the wrap (do it until there are no more gaps, ridges or bubbles visible). In this process, a baggie method or technique can be used – all you have to do is wrap your nail tightly with a ziplock plastic bag, and apply heat.


  1. Once you’ve applied enough heat and pressure, the next step is to trim off the excess wrap. Give the nail wraps time to cool down before you file. When filing, do it gently in the downwards direction at a 90-degree angle to remove the excess.


  1. Finally, after doping all the steps, you can leave the nail wraps as is or apply a topcoat of your choice. Or, you can layer it – it all depends on your personal taste.

See? I told you it’s easy-peasy. You’re not even going to break a sweat! Choosing a nail wrap to use can be very challenging, especially if you have a lot to choose from. You can definitely try one first and match it with another, or you can just play with it until. All the patterns are unique and gorgeous, certainly, it’ll all look good on you! You can also design your toes with these nail wraps.


How Can I Save Money With Jamberry?

Have you made a trip to a nail salon recently? Were you shocked or somehow disappointed of how expensive the mani/pedi is? I feel you. We all want to achieve our own nail goals without busting our budget, right? Good thing is, Jamberry nail wraps are here to the rescue! Yes, these vinyl wraps look remarkable and stylish, but they are not expensive compared to salon services. I know you may ask, how is that possible? Or how can you save money with Jamberry? Well, we’re here to shed a light on this matter.


  • With Jamberry nail wraps, you no longer have to go to the salon for your desired mani/pedi – you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Compared to nail polish, which costs $4-$12 per bottle, and lasts for only a couple of days (tops chipping, peeling, smudging and nail discoloration), the Jamberry nail wraps costs $15 but it’s already good for 3-4 manis or pedis. Plus, it stays up to 2-3 weeks on fingers and 4-6 on your toes. Imagine the money you can save! Here’s another representation of how you can save with these vinyl nail wraps.


  • You see, when you look at it this way, you will realize how you are spending so little on your nails unlike what you usually do before. Even if you are the type, like me, to become a Jamberry addict and start stocking up on all your favorite sheets, you’ll pretty much find that you have pretty nails all year round – not to mention, unique. You don’t have to repeat your designs because you have more than 300 patterns to choose from. But wait, there’s more! You don’t suppose that this is the only way, right? In fact, there’s one more way of saving extra money through Jamberry.


  • Jamberry has a constantly going, all the time, round the clock promo – the But 3 get one free! So, for example, you purchase 12 wraps, and you will only have to pay for 9. Essentially, that would mean that you buy three sheets, and you get the fourth one completely free. Doing the math, that saves you an instant $15! In other words, the more you purchase, the bigger amount you’re going to save. You can allot that money in other things, instead, like makeup.


Elegant Jamberry Nail Wrap Designs Perfect For Occasions

Alright, so now I’m totally confident that you’re pretty much excited to get your hands on the Jamberry nail wraps. With over 300 designs or patterns to choose from, I bet it’s going to be a difficult decision for you to make. Well, we won’t let you down, my friend. We’ve listed some elegant nail wrap designs that you could use for special occasions or events. Feel free to have a look!


  1. Berry Sparkler Jamberry Nail Wrap

berry sparkler

Who wouldn’t love sparkles? I bet no one. In this Jamberry nail wrap, silver gives way to berry colors in this sparkling ombré wrap. It would simply complement anything that you wear – especially if you’re wearing a simple dress. It’ll be a perfect accessory.


  1. Champagne Toast Jamberry Nail Wrap

champagne toast

Just like how champagne can lighten up the mood in any event or occasion, this nail wrap allows you to celebrate in style with its fun edgy champagne-toned sparkle wrap. You can never go wrong if you wear this wrap. It can also be a perfect complement to any outfit you might want to wear.


  1. Daydream Jamberry Nail Wrap


Nothing beats the classic as what they say. Well, this not-quite-nude shade is a fresh take on a classic. Whether you decide to keep it simple or take your outfit up a notch, this nail wrap would still be a good choice.


  1. Diamond Dust Sparkle Jamberry Nail Wrap

diamond dust

Shine bright like diamonds, according to Rihanna. Aside from that, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then this diamond sparkle wrap has to be a close second. Attending a wedding, company party or debut? Well then, this diamond dust sparkle is the best for you.


  1. Rose Gold Sparkle Jamberry Nail Wrap

rose gold

Wearing gold gives the impression of being bold and radiant. A modern edge on traditional gold, this sparkle wrap is simply elegant and would definitely add elegance to your outfit in every occasion or event. It’s going to be hard making people not to look at your nails if you have this on.


  1. Stargazing Jamberry Nail Wrap


Imagine the sparkling stars on your fingernails. Isn’t it amazing? Oh yes, it absolutely is. Like looking into the cosmos, this deep indigo has a sparkle finish. Elegant, stylish and not to mention, chic. Attending occasions or party with this nail wrap is definitely a thumbs-up!


  1. Stellar Jamberry Nail Wrap


You look stellar! Upon hearing this, it makes us feel really beautiful, yeah? Oh well, you can now be like that – literally! Golden-dotted circles adorn this almost-black overlay in ‘Stellar’. Wearing this nail wrap will make your night one of a kind and not mention, out of this world.



Way To Sum It Up

See? Desiring to achieve a beautiful set of flashy and elegant nails is now possible – without having to spend too much! Jamberry makes our nail goals possible and within reach. Every year, there are tons of parties and special occasions, certainly, you don’t want to miss any of that! Of course, we all want to be glamorous when attending these and there’s no reason not to be. There’s no need to book appointments or take a trip to the nail salon, you can now do your nails at home!


Let’s kick start this year with a beautiful set of nails that we can all be proud of. We deserve the best and nothing less. So, the next time you seek for a nail design or nail art product, don’t hesitate or doubt to choose Jamberry! Not only that it is amazing, creative, elegant and chic, it is also way cheaper that having your nails done at the salon. Scratch the idea of expensive nail products just to look good – this year, start anew with Jamberry nail wraps and be on the right track! Besides, there’s a lot more to spend the extra money for. Get out there confidently and shine bright!